Adoption Contract
Whisker Tickled Companion Rats (WTCR)
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Date of Adoption: ____________  Number Of Rats Being Adopted: ______

Animal 1:
Date born:  _________________________________                       Sex:          _______________________________
Color:        _________________________________                        Markings: _______________________________
Coat Type: __________________________________                       Ear Type:  _______________________________
Dam:         ________________________________________________________
Sire:          ________________________________________________________

Adopter Information:
Full Name: ________________________________________________________
Address:    ________________________________________________________
Telephone: ____________________     Email:__________________________

I, ______________, do hereby agree to adopt a rat (or rats) from Whisker Tickled Companion Rats (WTCR).
I, ______________, understand that once the rat leaves WTCRs care, I am solely responsible for the health and welfare of the animal.
I, ______________, understand that I do NOT have the right to breed this rat without written permission.
I, ______________, agree to contact WTCR if I can no longer care for the rat, choose to sell the rat or surrender the rat to a rescue.

  • Lifetime Temperament Guarantee – If at any time during the life of the above stated rat(s), it is found not to be compatible with the situation of the original purchaser because of a temperament problem, return it and it will be replaced. The owners word is all that is needed for replacement. The rat must be in good condition and free from husbandry related health problems
  • Lifetime Guarantee Against Congenital Defect Or Disease – If at any time during the life of the above stated rat(s), it develops a detrimental condition that dates from the prenatal or fetal state, return it and it will be replaced. This guarantee does not apply to tumors. The breeder is not responsible for viruses, bacteria, parasites, or other pathogens the animal may pick up after leaving their premises.
  • Guarantee Upon Delivery – When you receive the above stated rats(s) it will be free from any skin related problems including mange, ringworm, mites, lice, or fleas. It will also not be suffering from diarrhea, internal parasites, any symptoms of respiratory problems, and (if female) will not be pregnant. It will be at least 6 weeks of age, fully weaned, and eating solid food. If any of these problems are noted or suspected within 48 hours of purchase, or if a female gives birth within 22 days of purchase, return the rat and it will be replaced or your money refunded (purchasers choice). This certificate does not guarantee that the specified rat/mouse is Mycoplasma free.
  • Return Policy – If at any time you find you are unable to properly care for the above stated rat(s), it shall be returned to the breeder. If you decide to sell/give away the above stated rat/mouse, the breeder will be given first option of refusal.
  • Limitations Of Guarantee – This guarantee applies to the above stated rat(s) only and is non-transferable. Guarantee will only be honored if rat/mouse is returned with this certificate. If no rats are available at time of return, choice will be given from next available planned litter.

I understand that by voluntarily signing this agreement, I am entering into a legal and binding contract with WTCR. By affixing my signature to this adoption agreement, I agree to ALL the above conditions of adoption.

Adopters Signature: _______________________________________________________ __________ Date: ____________

Breeders Signature: __________________________________________________________________ Date: ____________