Rescue & Fostering
We also offer exotic rescue and adoption services for rats & other rodents. We are an official Pet Placement Organization through the Central California SPCA and other local authorities. You can contact us directly for rescue adoption and surrendering information.

Rescue Adoptions:
  • ​All rescues are adopted as pets only- you will not have permission to breed these rats. 
  • Adoption contract must be signed at time of ownership transfer.
  • All rescues will be in good health and will have passed extensive behavioral evaluations.
  • All rescues have a 14 day health guarantee. We can not guarantee the lifetime health of any rescue.
  • We can not guarantee the lifetime temperament of any rescue.
  • If at anytime you decide to transfer ownership of an adopted rescue rat, we must be contacted immediately to oversee the adoption process. We also reserve the right to reclaim ownership. 
  • Any rescue adopted out is welcome to come back at any time for any reason, replacements will be offered at Whisker Tickled discretion and as they become available.

  • If you have a rat that you need to surrender please fill out a Surrender Form.
  • We ask that you donate your cage and any supplies you have for your rat, it makes the transition easier and everything that a rat comes in with will be adopted out with it, (unless arrangements that better the rats situation can be made, in which case, supplies will be used for the betterment of other rats situations). This makes the whole process much less stressful for your rat and complete setups appeal to potential adopters assuring they find great homes. 
  • Rats will be accepted even if no cage/supplies are donated.​​​

Applications & Forms:
Rescue Adoption Application
Surrender Form
Foster families are important to the success of our  rescue. If you are interested in becoming a rescue foster please fill out our foster form.
Foster Application